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The objective of Audio Puzzler is to assemble the given audio puzzle as accurately and quickly as you can. Each puzzle starts as a set of audio bubbles which you must pop and transform into textual pieces that you can fit together. Match the pieces to assemble and complete the puzzle!


1. Double click an audio bubble to pop it and hear the audio.

2. Type the text for the piece as you hear the audio

3. Double click a text piece to correct errors

4. Drag and drop to assemble matching pieces

Longer Description

How to Play
Double click an audio bubble to pop it and hear its audio. Type in the text from an audio bubble to form a puzzle piece. You only need to type complete words. Your goal is to assemble these text puzzle pieces in the right order.

As you pop bubbles and type the text you will see where some of the text pieces fit together. Be careful when typing to include ALL words including things such as repeated words and stutters. In the event that there are no words in a bubble leave it blank but you'll have to guess as to where it fits. As you form puzzle pieces it's not necessary to type puntuation such as . , ; ! ?. The puzzle pieces can be dragged onto one another to merge them. As you drag a piece, overlapping pieces with matching words turn green. If you mistyped a word if will turn red so you can correct it before merging the pieces. You will see your progress for merging each colored group of bubbles at the top. Merge all the bubbles to complete the level.

Once the puzzle is completed you can watch the video that the audio puzzle came from.

You get a bonus score (and more time on the clock) every time you merge two pieces. The bonus is higher the faster you merge pieces and the more accurate they are. You also get a bonus score at the end of the level depending on how accurately and quickly you completed that level.

If the clock goes below zero, you lose 5 points every 5 seconds until the clock goes positive again.

Double-Click a bubble: Pops the bubble
Double-Click a text piece: Re-edit the text
Click and Drag: Arrange pieces to merge them

Keyboard shortcuts:
ENTER: Confirm typed text in a text piece
CTRL-Z: Re-play the audio of a bubble
ESCAPE: Cancel a bubble pop