Audio Puzzler is part of a research project at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the School of Interactive Computing by Nick Diakopoulos, Kurt Luther, and Irfan Essa.

In the process of playing the game, players contribute transcriptions of snippets of video - the better the transcription, the more points the player earns. These transcription snippets contribute to the enrichment of the video for other users and can faciliate things like close captioning among other things. It's a way to have fun with a meaningful by-product - one especially valuable considering the difficulty of achieving high accuracy video transcriptions using automatic methods.

For more information see the forthcoming paper:

  • N. Diakopoulos, K. Luther, and Irfan Essa. Audio Puzzler: Piecing Together Time-Stamped Speech Transcripts with a Puzzle Game. ACM Conference on Multimedia. October 2008.